The following are examples of client posted reviews from Google, Facebook and Yelp. Please look for more reviews of client experiences on those sites. The Chameleon Ink Staff always gives their best effort with their customers. Sometimes we may fall short of a client’s expectations, but we strive to always improve.

“Just got my new tattoo from Chameleon, this time with Mark, and he’s amazing. Friendly, fun and damn talented! Makes you feel comfortable and confident in his skills. He walked me through everything before he ever touched ink, I really appreciated it. I will definitely return.” Victoria A.

process“My tattoo with Chris at Chameleon was more than amazing. This was my first time getting a tattoo and he was so helpful, supportive and gave me the best experience ever. His artwork was so much more than I expected. The drawing was beautiful and detailed. He made sure that I got all the elements that I wanted. I will be back for my next tattoo and would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for a great experience. Thank you so much for such amazing work and wonderful customer service!” Mona L.

“I loved it here so much! They make you super comfortable and are amazing! My tattoo artist Todd was super cool and he did a phenomenal job on my leg tattoo. This was my first tattoo and I was so nervous, but they take care of you and give you a great experience. I would recommend this place to anyone!” Kayla W.

Just as you’d expect, Chameleon Ink is antiseptically clean; the staff is polite and punctual. That’s all good, but most important they have what is essential — a good artist. No doubt everyone there is talented, but I have to say Mark Keller is a true artist. He understood what I wanted, drew it, tweaked it and inked it. You can’t do better than that when it’s done for life. Evan J.

“Love is a strong word, but I kinda love Mark Keller. I nervously went to him for my first tattoo, a black and grey large floral piece. I talked to him about my idea, gave him a few pictures, and he did a spot on drawing interpretation of what I wanted. When I emailed him about minor changes, he was more than happy to accommodate. There is no attitude, pretension, or ego with Mark. He explains the process thoroughly, makes sure you are comfortable, and then he gives you a beautiful tattoo. Then he follows up to make sure you are happy with it. AND he is really funny, you almost forget you are being stabbed hundreds of times with needles because you talked and laughed so much. I get so many compliments on my tattoo, and if I get any more done I will be going back to him.” Cynthia M.


Denali2“I went to Denali to get my naval pierced. I’ve been to other places and this by far was the best experience! She’s badass and does such a good job! Definitely going back!” Peyton M.

“I went in as a walk-in to get a second set of holes pierced in my ears and loved working with Denali Dawn! She was extremely careful, and clearly knew what she was doing. Not only that, but she shared the steps and process with me, which helped calm any nerves! I had such a good experience, I went back an hour later for a third set!” Katie S.

“From the point of scheduling to the piercing itself, I am so impressed with Chameleon Ink in general and Denali, who did my industrial piercing last week, in particular! Everyone I spoke with at the shop was helpful from the moment I made my appointment (for myself and a friend).

Anti Navel PiercingI wasn’t sure I’d be able to fit an industrial in my ear and my friend asked for help getting studs out in addition to her second ear piercings, and Denali could easily have made us feel a bit silly as other piercers have in past when we asked extra questions, but instead she was helpful and informative. She took her time and double checked every part of the process for my piercing as well as my friend’s ear piercings, and made sure that we were comfortable consistently, while also chatting with us rather than the stiff greeting and right down to business attitude I’ve received at other piercing places.

We were never made to feel pressured to buy anything we didn’t come in for, hurried, or talked down to in any way. Everyone had a good attitude and I can’t compliment them enough. Out of my four previous piercing experiences, this was by far my best. I’d recommend it, and I’ll definitely be going back to Denali for future piercings!” Kailee B.