I Want a Custom Tattoo. What is Next?

We always recommend you start by brainstorming tattoo design ideas. Identify subjects that have meaning for you, or things you are passionate about. Also, it helps to look at photographs of different tattoos online or in tattoo magazines. Once you have narrowed down some ideas, the next step is to contact Chameleon Ink and set up a meeting with a tattoo artist for a free consultation.

What Can I Expect at the Tattoo Consultation?

During your free consultation you will meet with one of our tattoo artist, usually for 15 to 30 minutes. You may request a specific artist or we can recommend someone for you. You should feel comfortable and confident communicating and developing design ideas together. Bring any drawings, art, photographs, notes, objects, or other references which will help illustrate your ideas. Your tattoo artist will discuss design options with you, sketch ideas, help with size, color and placement decisions, give a price estimate, and look at scheduling options. At the end of your consult, if you decide to go forward with a finished drawing and/or schedule a tattoo appointment, you will be asked to pay a deposit. The deposit is non-refundable, but gives your artist a go-ahead on drawing up the design, holds your tattoo appointment, and is applied toward the total price of the tattoo.

How much will my tattoo cost?

The cost of the tattoo is determined by size, subject, style, placement on the body, colors, and other details. Tattoos are charged either by the piece or by the hour. Tattoos expected to exceed four hours of tattooing, or requiring multiple sessions, will be charged by hour. Those under 4 hours will are usually charged by the piece.

Suppose you decide on exactly what tattoo you want, and have found an artist that you are happy working with, however, the price of the tattoo is out of your current budget. You can always put down a deposit, then save up some money or pay toward a tattoo fund. Some artists will charge more than others, but you generally get what you pay for. Always choose the best qualified tattoo artist who can work with your budget.

We prefer to give price estimates in person rather than trying to giving estimated prices online or by phone. Please understand that with so many variables in each tattoo, it is most accurate to get quotes in person during your consultation. All quotes not done in person are estimates and we reserve the right to change them if necessary.

How should I prepare for my tattoo session?

The day of your tattoo appointment, be sure to arrive promptly. Before starting, you will fill out a client information form including listing any medications or medical considerations. You will need a valid government issued photo ID. A Drivers License, Passport, or Military ID are preferred.

Be well-rested, sober, fed, and hydrated. We recommend that you wear loose, comfortable clothing that gives easy access to the area to be tattooed and that you don’t mind getting ink on (tattooing can get a bit messy). Feel free to bring in some sort of entertainment to help pass the time: music with earbuds, a phone or tablet, a good book, a friend for conversation, etc. Make sure you have plenty of time, and don’t have to rush off after your session. The artist will take whatever time is needed to finish your tattoo. You certainly don’t want to rush that process.

Does it Hurt?

There will be a certain amount of pain or discomfort with every tattoo but this will vary from person to person. It really depends on the tattoo and placement and your own tolerance level. The important thing to remember is the pain is usually very minor (not as bad as you’d think) and the pain is only temporary. The tattoo is forever.

What about health and safety issues?

You can rest assured that your tattoo or piercing from Chameleon Ink will be done with one-time use sterile equipment, and sanitary conditions and practices that exceed government requirements. The Washington State Department of Licensing inspects our studio annually. All of our supplies come from reputable manufacturers and we make sure they are used well ahead of their expiration dates.

Is it possible to cover up an existing tattoo with something new?

Yes, most tattoos can be covered up or re-worked with something new. A cover-up is when you have an existing tattoo – maybe something that is older, not done to your standards, or has lost significance for you. We can create a custom design to cover the old tattoo. The design is strategically planned to distract your eye from what lies beneath. If you think you need a cover-up, call us to schedule a consultation appointment.

Do you accommodate groups for tattoos?

Yes, we can tattoo a group if arranged in advance, or if time and staffing allow. Please contact us to schedule a group tattoo session.

What types of payment to you accept?

Cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express (No checks please)

How do I take care of my tattoo?

Keep your tattoo clean and moisturized at all times.

1. Always wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap before caring for your tattoo.
2. Take off wrapping after 2 hours.
3. Gently wash the tattoo with anti-bacterial soap.
4. Pat dry with a clean paper towel.
5. When your tattoo is dry, use aftercare ointment or lotion.
6. Apply aftercare 2-3 times daily.
7. Repeat washing and applying ointment until tattoo is completely healed (usually 15-30 days).

Things Not to do:

1. Do not scratch your tattoo.
2. Do not expose to sun or go tanning until your tattoo is healed.
3. Do not swim, hot tub, or submerge in water until your tattoo is healed.
4. Be careful not to let your pets touch your tattoo.