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Chris Murphy is one hell of a Tattoo Artist who’s developed quite a name for himself throughout the region. Using his outdoor recreation lifestyle and knowledge of nature, Chris has mastered all things Pacific Northwest in art and tattoo subject matter.


A few fun or odd facts about Chris: He wrote a kick-ass haiku that is now orbiting Mars in NASA’s MAVEN Space Probe, and is a mushroom forager and connoisseur. Oh, and he’s a master juggler, guitarist, amateur rockhound, and a ‘Lefty’ too.


Additionally, Chris is a family man (we have another one in our midst!) who enjoys going on family hikes in the Northwest Cascades. But it’s not all fun and games, he also home schools his kids.


Chris’ uniquely intricate designs have been used by Cascadia Mushrooms, Bellingham Roller Betties, and Dark Myths and Legends Coloring Book for Adults.


This natural-born Aussie and Navy Veteran will certainly exceed your expectations tattoo-wise. Make your appointment pronto! Check him out on the good old FB: or Instagram: @tatmurphy

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