Kamile may seem a bit young and sweet for your typical tattoo artist, but she has been tattooing since she was fresh out of high school. She became a total badass when she had a machine in her hand. Just take a look at her portfolio and let her work speak for itself. But her artistic skills go beyond just ink. She also creates realistic drawings of portraits, figures, and animals with charcoal.


When she’s not tattooing, she is taking classes at Western Washington University and studying Kinesiology. Her in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy has helped make her tattooing skills stand out from the rest.

She is also all about #girlpower and female strength and in her free time she trains for Olympic Weightlifting and teaches group fitness classes for young women. Helping them feel more confident in the weightroom.


If you feel like hanging out with a cool chick while you just so happen to be getting a tattoo, schedule an appointment with her via Instagram or email; @kahejoart and