Ember Elizabeth has been piercing in Bellingham since just a couple years after she moved to Bellingham to attend Western, and she’s still going strong! She loves that her job gives her the opportunity to take care of and educate her clients, as well as to help them manifest their internal vision of Self. She likes to think of the process of body modification as one by which we claim our place in the world by very intentionally wounding and healing ourselves; if we do it well we are left with something beautiful and enduring. She also loves that body piercing is the meeting point of science, art, and medicine, and prides herself on being both proficient as a piercer and having an impeccable bedside manner.


Outside of work Ember enjoys reading fantasy novels, hanging out and taking walks with her partner and her pup, making up-cycled art, and playing viola (poorly). She is very serious about how she walks through life, always attempting to do so genuinely and with the utmost integrity. Serious and morose as a child, she’s recently begun to age backwards, and is starting to look at the world with a newfound curiosity and joy! It is well-known that Ember is a bit of a Faery, so if you see her staring into the middle-distance don’t be fooled: she’s probably just flying in the ether, gathering new information and ideas. 

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