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chameleon bellingham tattoo Todd Bruce.j



Todd Bruce is just the jack-of-all-trades Tattoo Artist that you’ve been looking for. He has that steam-punky, tattoo artist look, but behind that inked, ginger exterior lies a family man, sci-fi buff, and overall nice guy. So don’t be intimidated by the sword and jackalope head mounted in his tattoo station.


Just when you thought Todd couldn’t get any cooler, he’s an expert weapon wielder, a Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) member, and is part of Battle of Nations (basically, he fights with swords in wicked costumes). This Army Veteran even teaches Western Martial Arts and is musically-inclined.


With one decade plus of expertise and thousands of tattoos later, it’s safe to say that you can trust Todd with any of your pieces. In fact, there are probably plenty of people walking around town as we speak sporting his artwork. Whether you’re looking for a larger sleeve or back tattoo (or anything else, really), Todd’s your guy!


You might want to check out his FB: or Instagram: @boxoftodd

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