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Chameleon Bellingham Tattoo Dessa Cycle



Dessa does permanent cosmetic tattooing and specializes in Nipple and Areola restorative tattoos for women who have undergone mastectomy and breast reconstruction. She was the top permanent cosmetic technician in Arkansas for the last 14 years. The confidence it brings for people getting permanent makeup applied is most rewarding.

Restorative Tattooing is reintroducing pigment into an area of skin where there is no pigment, or lack of pigment. Restorative tattooing is mostly done to help mastectomy patients regain self esteem after undergoing total mastectomy where natural nipples have been removed. A 3-D looking nipple and areola can be tattooed on the reconstructed breast(s) or in some cases where a 3-D nipple has been recreated.

Restorative tattooing can also be done on people such as those with alopecia or hypo-pigmentation. In the case of alopecia, eyebrows can be added to the face, and eyeliner can be tattooed around the eyes enhancing the natural features of the face. As for hypo-pigmentation, filling in light spots on the arms or other noticeable areas of the body, or smoothing out areas that may appear "blotchy" as a result of lack of natural skin pigment.

All restorative procedures performed by a licensed nurse. Privacy will be provided.


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