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Instagram: @darthhollywood



Christine “Hollywood” Houston may have southern roots but she is here to stir things up in the Northwest. Between the slower-paced lifestyle, soul food, and ‘real’ moonshine, there was a lot to love about life down south. However, Hollywood moved up here in 2017, fell in love with the PNW, and is here to stay. 

Before she started in the tattoo industry in 2012 Hollywood was a jack of all trades. Things like being a professional Alternative/Pinup model, blacksmith, car saleswoman, DJ/Emcee, and more. She got her start at Triple 7 Tattoo Studio in Chattanooga Tennessee. Since then she has dove headfirst into the tattoo industry and creating art. 


Hollywood is larger than life, as well is her love for Star Wars. Her nerdiness doesn’t stop there. Her interest in art began at an early age with the love of comic books. Growing up on DC but later developing an equal love of Marvel, Christine will talk comic books all day long. She also likes to spend her free time gaming with her husband Price. Mainly playing on the PS4 but still has an old school NES. 


As an artist, Hollywood’s first love is tattooing but likes to dabble in other forms as well. She has been doing photography for 4 years, mainly shooting landscapes and urban scenes, you can find Hollywood scouring the city with her camera in tow. She is also a Neo-Burlesque performer. Finding a love in the darker side of burlesque her dances are beautifully macabre. 


She has settled on her 15 acres up here with her family and her animals. Hollywood has 3 adorable Pitbulls, 3 also adorable cats, and a goat named Freckles. She is lover of animals and a warrior for Bully breeds and fights against Breed Specific Legislation. 

Hollywood is a friendly and outgoing person. She loves to meet new people and hear their stories. With a background as multifaceted as hers, backed by an undeniable creative flare her work is diverse, relevant, and distinct. To find out more feel free to come by and start up conversation with her or peruse over her social media.  

Instagram: @Darthhollywood

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