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Chameleon Bellingham Tattoo Shawn Frankl




Shawn Franklin may be a Northwest newcomer who has resided in the East of the Mississippi for a vast majority of his life, but his mad tattoo skills are already taking the area by storm.

Shawn started drawing the moment he first picked up a crayon and he’s been an artist ever since. The “title” artist isn’t something he ever takes lightly (and nor should you). In fact, if you ever spot Shawn, you’ll probably see him with a writing utensil or tattoo machine in hand 99.9% of the time (unless we’re talking about coffee). Speaking of tattoo machines, he got his very first one when he was just 15. By the time 1996 rolled around, professional tattooing became his main gig.

When it comes to his tattooing talents, Shawn’s been honing his creative skills for nearly three decades now. From working in popular shops throughout Chicago, Northern Illinois, and Wisconsin to running his very own tattoo shop for 10+ years, it’s safe to say he’s got what it takes—and that’s why we’re glad he’s a new addition to the Chameleon family. And if that’s not impressive enough, his work has even been featured in a number of tattoo magazines and he has received awards at various prominent tattoo conventions.

These three words describe his artistic style best: versatile, unique, and multifaceted. While he’s considerably accomplished in every sort of style you can muster up, his specialty is black & gray tattoos.

So whether you’re into something bizarre, more down to earth, or a mix between the two, Shawn’s your guy!

Feel free to check out his epic FB page: and Instagram: @finkinkstagram

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