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Your piercing was done with sterile equipment and procedure. We guarantee the workmanship. Healing and care of your piercing is your responsibility. For questions or concerns contact Chameleon Ink at (360) 676-7330 or visit

We recommend using a sterile saline spray to use for piercing aftercare. We sell Neilmed brand Piercing Aftercare and Wound Wash at the shop. You can also find sterile saline spray at any store with a wound care section. 


-Apply a clean Q-tip or cotton ball saturated in additive free sterile saline 2 times per day to gently soak and remove any crust, debris or dried blood from your piercing and jewelry.

-Rinse with clean, warm water after you shower to remove any soapy residue

-Pat dry with a clean, disposable paper product



-Rinse with bottled water after you eat or drink anything besides water

-Maintain good oral hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth daily. Alcohol free mouthwash can be used up to twice a day if needed.



Initially some redness, tenderness, and swelling are to be expected. During the first few days, minor bleeding may occur. While the piercing heals some white to yellowish discharge is normal. It will dry and form “crusties” around the piercing site.



-Wash your hands before cleaning your piercing

-Be gentle when cleaning your piercing

-If it is a facial piercing, avoid the area when applying makeup

-Be cautious not to snag or catch your jewelry

-Downsize your jewelry as recommended



-Do not touch, pick at, play with, turn, twist, or slide your jewelry

-Don’t use any soaps, creams, or ointments on your piercing. No rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Neosporin, tea tree oil, etc.

-Depending on your piercing, your piercer may recommend not sleeping on it to avoid irritation. Your piercer will tell you so when you get your piercing, but if you aren't sure, please call or reach out to double-check

-You can mix your own Mild Sea Salt Water Solution. Dissolve 1/8 – 1/4 teaspoon of IODINE-FREE SEA SALT into 8oz to 12oz of warm distilled water. A stronger mixture is not better.

- Contact Solution is NOT the same as sterile saline. It has additives to dissolve proteins on your lenses to keep them clean. Do not use contact solution on your piercings. Use only sterile saline.

-For more information visit the Association of Professional Piercers at

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