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Naomi Burdick

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Instagram: @modiphromantium



Naomi has been with Chameleon Ink for a couple years now as counter staff --you've probably seen them and their ever-changing brightly colored hair-- and recently finished their tattoo apprenticeship in 2022! 

Born in middle-of-nowhere Okanogan, Washington, Naomi moved to Bellingham in 2016, where they currently live with their husband and 2 cats, Peanut Butter and Jellybean, and their dog, Leonard. In their downtime, Naomi likes to paint gross things, watch scifi and horror movies, and play videogames. Their love of horror, bugs, and all things Rococo is evident in their art, with lots of guts, powdered wigs, vampires, and naked ladies making appearances. 

Naomi loves working with clients on cute animal designs, bugs, creepy eyes, fruit, and other custom work-- especially if its colorful!!

You can email Naomi directly to schedule, or simply select their name on the Chameleon Ink Tattoo Questionnaire. 

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