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In the heart of Downtown Bellingham, Washington is a tattoo & body piercing shop just as exceptional as our city. With a keen eye for one-of-a-kind design and craftsmanship Chameleon Ink has earned a reputation as one of the best tattoo & piercing studios in the Northwest.

The Chameleon Ink team not only strives for top-notch, professional service, we also pay close attention to you and your unique needs. Your body art vision is just as important to us as it is to you! Whether you’re looking for a stylish nostril or navel piercing or a stunning full-sleeve tattoo, our passion is to create the best art possible for you and your body.

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Chameleon Ink is a fully-licensed tattoo & body piercing studio with the State of Washington. While excellence and professionalism are our priorities, your personal health and safety is our TOP priority, so you can expect a spotless and friendly atmosphere every time you walk through our doors. Each and every tattoo and piercing needle is single-use and 100% autoclave-sterilized with state-of-the-art equipment. Needless to say, you can rest assured knowing that you’re in good hands.


What sets us apart from the rest? Chameleon Ink’s specialty is Custom Tattooing. That’s right! Every single tattoo we design is an original work of art. 

Combined with our dedication to artistic and technical excellence, your tattoo idea will come to life. We are eager to make that body art vision of yours come true. We hope to see you really soon! Feel free to visit us on Twitter or Facebook for updates.


​​With over two decade’s worth of history under our belt, Chameleon Ink (formerly Camden Chameleon) was established in 1996. During the 90s, the shop operated right out of a Fairhaven District train car. The studio started the new millennium with a new location in Downtown Bellingham (our present location). In 2008, the current owners took over the business and have continued down the path of creative perfection, ensuring the highest standard of work for Chameleon’s clientele.

Penelope (the Great and Powerful, a.k.a. the chick who runs the show) began her tattoo apprenticeship at Camden Chameleon back in 1996 (when the shop still operated out of one cramped train car).

After her ink initiation, Penelope continued honing her artistic skills at local shops. Since 1999, she has successfully operated her very own studio, Wicked Witch Tattoo in Birch Bay and has literally seen and done it all. Today, she keeps us Chameleon Ink connoisseurs in line, all while further establishing our reputation as the most talented group of tattoo and piercing artists in the region.

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